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Gordmans, ULTA Beauty coming to East Peoria

By Jeanette Kendall
East Peoria Times-Courier

East Peoria, Ill. — At a press conference this morning, officials announced that Gordmans and ULTA Beauty will be added to the mix of developments at the new East Peoria downtown under construction.

According to a press release from Cullinan Properties Ltd., the developer of the East Peoria Downtown shopping center, Gordmans and ULTA Beauty will join Target and Costco.

ULTA Beauty signed a lease to occupy 11,000 square feet and Gordmans, which operates 81 stores across 18 states, will lease a 50,000 square foot space with occupancy in early 2013.
The announcement was made at a cermonial steel raising where the last beam was added to a steel frame building that for retail that is undesignated so far.

East Peoria Mayor Dave Mingus said the new downtown development has created 600 jobs.

Costco will be completed by fall. Target, Holiday Inn and the new library and conference space will be completed by 2013, Mingus said.

\”This is fantastic to see it each day, it\’s something different. … Walls can be up in a day. It makes me very thankful to past adminstrations and mayors and councils for what they do to lay the ground work. I\’m very grateful to Cullinan Properties. To see it all come to reality, it\’s beyond words,\” Mingus said.

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